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What We Do 

Sunset Harbor Homes provides a range of services and supports to help residents meet their medical and personal care needs. Programs and services are led by an interdisciplinary team  of health care professionals including primary care physicians, rehabilitation specialists, pharmacists, dietitians, case managers, and clinical care coordinators.

Interested in non-medical home care? Click here to read about our latest service, Sunset Harbor HomeCare. 


Medical Services

Complex medical care for conditions such as diabetes; Circulatory disorders and cardiac; General debilitation; Hospice services for pain alleviation and terminal care management; Infectious disease; IV administration; Multiple trauma; Post-surgical; Wound care; Palliative care.


Rehabilitation services for Amputation, Arthritis, General orthopedic, Joint replacement, Neurological conditions, Pain management, Respiratory care (including respiratory infections and inflammations, and chronic respiratory diseases), Spinal cord injury and disorders, Stroke.


Alzheimer's Care

In addition to standard care, Sunset Harbor Homes also recognizes the special challenges presented by working with patients with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Sunset Harbor Homes is committed to honoring every aspect of the Alzheimer’s Disease Bill of Rights, and providing optimum care for our residents.

Virus Control

Viruses are especially hard on the elderly and chronically ill. For this reason we have put special effort into the protection of our residents. This includes no air exchange between rooms, training staff to be infectious disease conscious, and building to all current regulations.


Daily therapeutic activity is important to help residents remain active and involved. Therapeutic opportunities include music, pet visits, community activities, religious and cultural events, children's visits, beauty shop and nail care, exercise and sensory stimulation, special meals, holiday celebrations, walking, wheeling, and gardening.


Family Focus

Our commitment to family member includes: Active listening from staff; Encouragement for family to voice concerns and suggestions regarding care; Opportunities to participate in care; respect and empathy; Communicating schedules/agendas; referrals to counselors and support groups; family participation in social events/activities; and promoting partnership between family and staff.



We provide our residents with healthy, "home cooked" meals and nutrition, with access to between meal snacks and beverages. Our residents should feel like they are at home, not in an institution. 

Holistic Care

We treat the whole person, as outlined in the Eden Alternative Domains of Well-Being which includes: Identity, Growth, Autonomy, Security, Connectedness, Meaning, and Joy


Spiritual Wellbeing

Our features and aesthetics focus on an integrated approach to mind, body, and spirit. We therefore provide an in-house chapel with chaplain, and contact alternative spiritual guides as requested by our residents for their spiritual needs.


Special care has been taken to provide the appropriate and necessary aesthetics that our residents need. This includes: Spiritual care; An environment structured to provide safety, security and comfort to enhance independence; A physical appearance directed toward the sense of touch, with subdued colors to promote safety, familiarity, and relaxation; Daily therapeutic activity to keep residents active and involved.

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